Undergraduate Advising: Italian, Scandinavian, Slavic, and Celtic Studies

Click on any time to make a booking. I offer 30 minute appointments from 9am-4:00pm PST.

Upcoming days when I will be unavailable:
Monday Nov 23-Friday Nov 27 (Thanksgiving holidays).
Wed December 23-Mon January 4 (winter holidays/campus closure).

Times listed are in US/Eastern – please adjust if this is not correct for your location.

Berkeley time (10 minutes past the start time) does not apply. Appointments start at the time you’ve booked.

For the foreseeable future (at least through Spring 2021), advising meetings will be conducted via Zoom and not in person. Zoom appointment links and calendar notifications will be provided upon booking an appointment.

When you make your reservation, please leave a note describing what you’d like to talk about, or email me with questions at issaug@berkeley.edu.

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